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Our History and Future

In 1986 Carolyn Jess tried a profoundly different approach to address some personal health problems. Carolyn did some research and took some herbs and within a month’s time she began feeling much better. She was so excited about it that she decided she wanted to help others feel better too. Carolyn, a devout Christian, prayed about it and ultimately decided to start selling herbs and supplements herself. Carolyn truly felt it was her calling. And she would do her best to serve all the customers that came to seek her help.


Carolyn Jess started her new business, Pathway to Herbs, from her home in the town of Pleasant Hill, Ohio. The name, Pathway to Herbs, came to her very simply. In order to see Carolyn and buy her herbs and supplements, you would have to walk the path to the back room of her house. Pathway to Herbs was born!

I had been a customer of Carolyn’s for about the ten years and had gotten to know her quite well in that time. When Carolyn approached my husband and I to see if we would be interested in purchasing it I was really taken by surprise and was quite humbled that she would think to trust me with the business she built. Quite honestly, because taking herbs and supplements for my family’s better health and helping others too had become a passion of mine, it didn’t take long for us to decide to go for it. On December 31, 2015 my husband, Colin, and I took the plunge and purchased Pathway to Herbs.

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Pleasant Hill, OH

Light Up the Night

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My mission is to provide quality products and services to all of existing customers and grow my network by introducing Pathway to Herbs to others through my website, social media, and informational events. Pathway to Herbs is more than just a business. We are a part of the community, and we are committed to giving back. 


Pathway to Herbs currently sponsors local teams and events that promote a healthy lifestyle, and we are always looking for new ways to make a positive impact.

But most importantly, I am committed to helping you find solutions to you and your family’s health needs.  I am dedicated to seeking out the highest quality herbs and supplements that are affordable and effective. I work tirelessly to tailor my suggestions to your specific needs.

Whether you’re looking for natural remedies to support your immune system or seeking assistance with a specific health concern, I am here to help.

Located in Pleasant Hill, Ohio, my shop is a welcoming space where you can explore my expansive inventory of natural products and learn more about how herbs can benefit you..

If you would like to discuss your specific needs I invite you to drop me a note, call, or click on the scheduling app. If you are simply restocking your supply then feel free to just drop in. Either way, I look forward to serving you on your journey to optimal health and wellness.

Lisa Williams

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